Sweater Problems 2

from by Cats Millionaire



Bitch I hate u. First cat milly track to exist.


Cat ears havin’ motherfucker
Don’t give a fuck about nothin’, claws ten miles long
Metal bat plus problem equals gone, all I fucking want is this kid off my lawn
And let me tell you something about my life
Lately nothing’s gone right
But I’ve tried to be polite, mostly
And it hasn’t made a god damn fucking difference so I’m fucking done with that, mostly
I don’t know, I don’t give a fuck about this space shit
Fuck the moon, fuck the earth, fuck the Nazis on the sun
I don’t give a shit about those racists
But fuck dying in a god damn fucking space ship

Feline asocial aggression, dat’s what I got
Little kitten in competition gonna get it’s head popped
Off I don’t know, just please don’t fucking fuck with me
You may or may not know that I pilot quite brilliantly
This big god damn thing you wouldn’t want to look at
Talkin’ wolf gang shit but actin’ like a meow cat

(Wolf gang)

Shitty days fuckin’ happen I guess
But it’d be best if they didn’t, I fucking mean it
I don’t know, some days I just look at the sky
And wonder why I won’t just motherfucking die
Uhhh, yeah it’s true facts, I don’t give two fucks
Guess what, I wish the world would just back off
So I could breath or disappear
Clear my head or act sincere
As I let myself out the back door like a première electrical engineer who’s actually a stalker slash murderer learning the layout of the building for later
See ya later
Aka never


from Meow, released March 31, 2011
Prod. by Ellanoize



all rights reserved


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