Whatever Vibes

by Yellow Bile

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released June 11, 2013



all rights reserved


blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

hi i make music, ive been working hard!

black.squares.media (at) gmail.com

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Track Name: Deeper
deep down
in the buried part of the house
put your fingers
thru its teeth
open up its mouth
and the whole thing just sorta pours out
you know
although we barely talk
i think about you a lot
these days
i mostly just worry
i mostly just worry a lot

im afraid
i just want you to know
I’m a coward
i just want to dig deeper down in this hole

ill bend
like a complex metal structure
collapsing under the rust
i want no space
you wouldnt have to do anything
in a second id give it all up
id cut my fucking arms off
in exchange for an excuse
for how completely useless i am
i wish i had the guts to throw myself
but every time that I’m near i just pull back in

pure shit
thats the only real name ive ever had
I’m so sick of it
even i couldn’t care anymore that I’m sad
all the time
that ive wasted
i just wanna burn thru the rest of my life
anytime that i say anything
I’m so fucking humiliated by myself
Track Name: Fever
you’re shielded and soft boned
super dreamy
all i wanna do is try to breathe normally
i love your outfit
I’m creeping on you hard
and I’m pretty sure you’re noticing
i don’t know how to cope
I’m really awkward
its kind of a thing
it makes me go dumb
it makes me paranoid
i don’t want to be near to any other human being

but i feel like
we’ve got the same fever
maybe we can cure it by sweating it out with each other
i feel like
my body’s changing colours
i can’t control it
i don’t think we’re safe around each other

you’re so smart and beautiful
im so excited
i just wanna be a good friend
but grasp into the nothingness
I’m back in the deep end
acting like a real fucking shit head
I’m so embarrassed of every gesture
its all pretty much in the same vein
i feel like a predatory animal
i know things will never be the same again
Track Name: Lawn
i always forget
you can’t build a moat
in your front lawn
without tearing up the grass
i always forget
even tho i know
i can’t survive in this world
without you as my friends

paranoia makes me stupid
paranoia makes me blind
paranoia crawls in my ear
and twists up my mind
paranoia makes me stupid
paranoia makes me blind
paranoia makes me curl up in a ball
and leave my friends behind

in sweaty palm
and in grinded tooth
when I’m sitting here clutching my face
i can’t ever remember the truth
in sweaty palm
in nails chewed down to the skin
i can’t think of what to say to you
except to beg you not to be my friend again

i always forget
I’m probably imagining it when
all i can hear is uncomfortable laughter
behind my back
i always forget
you can’t build a moat in your front lawn
without tearing up the grass
and theres no defence against that
theres no defence against that
theres no defence
Track Name: Well
how far
does it go
i wanna see all the way down
i don’t know
drop a stone
theres no evidence it ever touched the ground

how far
does it go
theres no one else around
i don’t know
drop a stone
i wanna go all the way down

well well well
you don’t know me