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It's literally illegal to buy, sell or own this ridiculous nerdcore rap/90s alternative rock album I recorded in Garageband. Lots of casual references to Odd Future and Prunus Girl so yea expect it to suck probably.


released March 31, 2011

Beats by Tin Deck, Ellanoize, Kutmastainstrumentalz, and Kid Phuture



all rights reserved


blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

hi i make music, ive been working hard!

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Track Name: Sweater Problems 2
Cat ears havin’ motherfucker
Don’t give a fuck about nothin’, claws ten miles long
Metal bat plus problem equals gone, all I fucking want is this kid off my lawn
And let me tell you something about my life
Lately nothing’s gone right
But I’ve tried to be polite, mostly
And it hasn’t made a god damn fucking difference so I’m fucking done with that, mostly
I don’t know, I don’t give a fuck about this space shit
Fuck the moon, fuck the earth, fuck the Nazis on the sun
I don’t give a shit about those racists
But fuck dying in a god damn fucking space ship

Feline asocial aggression, dat’s what I got
Little kitten in competition gonna get it’s head popped
Off I don’t know, just please don’t fucking fuck with me
You may or may not know that I pilot quite brilliantly
This big god damn thing you wouldn’t want to look at
Talkin’ wolf gang shit but actin’ like a meow cat

(Wolf gang)

Shitty days fuckin’ happen I guess
But it’d be best if they didn’t, I fucking mean it
I don’t know, some days I just look at the sky
And wonder why I won’t just motherfucking die
Uhhh, yeah it’s true facts, I don’t give two fucks
Guess what, I wish the world would just back off
So I could breath or disappear
Clear my head or act sincere
As I let myself out the back door like a première electrical engineer who’s actually a stalker slash murderer learning the layout of the building for later
See ya later
Aka never
Track Name: T Girl Video Blog #2395
Transgender video blog number two thousand three hundred
And ninety-five
Everything’s gonna be fine
You just met me at a very strange time in my life


No one fucking understands me
Have I fucking ever asked for a re-tweet?
Never in my life
One day in the distant future
I’ll make the fucking purr-fect wife
House clean, dinner on when you get back
Hair nice as fuck, never ever fucking bitching on a rap track
Smelling like flowers and baby powder with a moderately sized rack,
But nevermind that, uhhh…
I’m going to learn how to write neat,
Stop smoking cigarettes and stop eating red meat
Say “thank you” to strangers politely and wish em dead
Move away from home and still bitch to the Internet
About the way my parents raised me,
Then change my name again and not tell anybody
Maybe then I’ll finally find my place in this fucked up stupid ass gender binary society

And then?
And then finally feel happy?
Who the fuck knows?

Day four hundred, two weeks before my fourteenth birthday. I forced myself to vomit so I could stay home from school. Read Venus Envy for six hours, drank an entire bottle of cough syrup and then cried myself to sleep.

What the fuck do I motherfucking look like
Swagging like golf wang but sounding like a butch dyke
When I say that I’ve had surgery
I mean I’ve had a ski mask stapled on permanently
Yeah, it certainly hurting me,
But I won’t never fucking take it off
The troof of the matter is whole world sprained my fucking feelings
But I’ll just swag it off uhhhhhh-buutttt
I don’t want no leggings, no tight-ass jeans
Low cut tees, just crucify me
Kay, here’s my big plan
Dye my hair red
Join a punk band
And never fucking rap again
I don’t give a shit, it
Work for me
People like it better
When I don't’ say anything
Well whatever
Fuck life, it’s just too embarrassing
Track Name: Who is the Girl I Met Amongst the Falling Cherry Blossoms
When they announced the high school test results
I waited past noon because I motherfucking hate crowds
By pure coincidence we met there for the first time, 0215
The wind that blew that ticket out of her hand dropped it into mine
Aikawa Kizuna, I had no idea
But after everything, I still can’t believe ya
All I hear is “Maki-Kun
Despite how I look I’m a guy”
Everybody shut up
Please sit down and recall I don’t give a fuck

OK, so I’m not on that gay shit
Aikawa fucking tries me but it’s pretty fucking useless
I hate to say it’s all fucking hopeless
He’ll never steal that fucking third kiss ‘cause
All I got are coca cola candies
And I’m not looking for no rooftop handies
From some fucking tranny
School ground bully
Who despite my protestations will absolutely not stop fucking with me,
I don’t fucking know
All I wanna do is be alone

I don’t give a fuck
But every time he looks at me
My fucking heart
Swags a motherfucking beat
Who is the girl I met amongst
The falling cherry blossoms
I don’t know
God dammit IDK
Who is the girl I met amongst
The falling cherry blossoms

When it’s
Just us guys at the beach
Or when that fucking shuttlecock
Got stuck out of reach
When all the clubs wanted to suck our fucking dicks
Or when the student union tried to ruin our shit
When you snuck into my fucking bed
When it was all my fucked up fault that you fell and sprained your hand
When that guy thought we were dating and to slit his fucking wrists
I’m going to keep on swagging and not giving a shit
Who is the girl I met amongst
The falling cherry blossoms
Who is the girl I met amongst
The falling cherry blossoms
Track Name: Zebatinsky
Hey Zee nice shades
Real shame they’re not swag
Okay, what’s next?
A whole list to address
So I sound like I’m reading?
That’s pretty priceless considering
I’m pretty sure can see your word document
In your glasses
Next on the harass list,
Sorry that my style doesn’t impress
Maybe you’d like it better
If I rapped real slow
And monotone like this?
Oh, does that sound familiar?
I feel peculiar
When you try to criticize me
Because honestly I’ve never been told to retreat from rap so fucking slowly
Well, okay, that’s alright
We can still be pals, we don’t need to fight
But first off I need to bury this dumb ass shit here tonight