I'm So Sorry

by Cats Millionaire

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Based around the events leading up to and taking place in the first two episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

"I'm So Sorry" presents a brief glimpse into Princess Luna's thousand-year banishment spent wandering the barren surface of the moon, and the emotional repercussions of her tense return to Equestria. An abrasive, bitter tale of loneliness, revenge and regret.

Cover art by Ala Flora

This album is brought to you by the magic of Balloon Party, a My Little Pony fan-music fundraiser that was generous enough to sponsor my trip to Summer Bronycon 2012! It was super awesome and the best thing ever!



released June 29, 2012

All guitar performed by Jon G.
Rainbow Mother Earth composed by Dino



all rights reserved


blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

hi i make music, ive been working hard!

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Track Name: Rainbow Mother Earth (feat. Dino and Circuitfry)
Oh Rainbow Mother Earth
Will you tell me where the sun goes?
Because in reality we aren’t even the colourless
720p itunes rip of the show

Can you really love it all
In a world that’s not worth loving?
That can’t be loved
At least not in it’s entirety
Tell me who does the sun turn her back on?

My Princess
My Rainbow Mother Earth
Will you ever let me back
Under your warm summery wing?
I swear I’ll be good
I swear I’ll be good
Track Name: At the Crown of Eternal Sunlight
In the north
At the northernmost point
Of the moon
Standing at the rim
Of another wide old / worn gray crater
I saw it

I stood there in the sun
Waiting for days
Just to be sure
I never slept
I couldn’t sleep
The anger wouldn’t leave me
As the countless hours passed
The beating of my heart only gained speed

Along the towering edge of that deep deep crater
The sun always shone
It never set
Under that unyielding, all consuming, unyielding scalding glare
In a funny way it made me think of home

I see it now

Is this all I am?
This is all I am.

It was there it saw it there
It was at the crown of eternal sunlight
It was there I saw my sister and I reflected
It was there that I realized
The ocean of frigid night that flooded the basin of the crater,
Never to be illuminated
Neatly boarded the ceaseless summer
Because by it’s nature
Any peak of perpetual sunlight
Is linked to a sister of infinite night

Just like the black sea
Of the moon maybe
I belong nowhere but here
Track Name: Black Snooty
I can’t breathe
As I climb down the stars
The cold night laps at my skin
It surrounds me
I’m just another part of the sea of black
A million miles deep
I feel my heart beat in my chest
As I speed through the dark

I am the longest night
It permeates through me
In the back of my mind
The Nightmare is a part of me

This is all I am

In the highest tower
Where I used to sleep
It’s just her and me
And the shattered elements of harmony
Wrapped tight
Wrapped tight
In the soothing shadowy blanket of the night
I can smell the fear on that purple foal
This is my game now
This is my game now
Track Name: I'm So Sorry (Returns)
I’m so sorry
That black mantle still weighs heavy on my soul
I can’t let it go
Or rather it won’t let me go
Even though
The night is hers now too

I dream of a day they’ll forget
I even exist
If it’s all the same to you
I just want to go home
I miss the moon

I’m so sorry
The implicit irony
In the fact that I’ve always been a thorn in your side
Wasn’t lost on me
As I poisoned the manticore’s heart
Against you and your pets

I’m so sorry I’m came back