Holiday Snaps

by Triangle Giant

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HOLIDAY SNAPS is a story of death and rebirth in four parts.

Watch the video for Floundering here


released May 16, 2012

Guitar by Jon G.



all rights reserved


blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

hi i make music, ive been working hard! (at)

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Track Name: Floundering
Falling through time
Twisting through air
So clumsily

You honestly never knew her
She was stronger
Than you thought

Even in the heat she pushed on

She would always suck it in
She chose to be silent
It was the only response she could resolve
Through the haze

So clumsily

When I dream I hope for a world I don’t know
I don't know myself
Track Name: White
Hidden in the hills of upstate New York
Where early fall is beautiful
But I loved the middle of winter more
I believe in the true article / because if she can I can as well
My most powerful skills are as an editor
The only thing I trust is unoccupied space

White light washes over me
Pure white light consumes everything
I see

I want to wear that armor too
Who couldn’t admit / her steel is beautiful
There’s no pantheon of angels watching over me
Extraneous links crack overhead
As I depart from the source

This is a reminder to myself
To draw the next breath in with a thought
A silent promise to myself
Never to be unlike her at all
Track Name: Salt
Under perfect blue skies it’s here I will remain for you
It’s been like a hundred degrees each day this week and I
Miss you in the heat

(I know/I don't)

I know you’re a girl
I see it all
Open your eyes
It’s written in the salt
I speak to the watcher
She’ll let me know
She’ll let me know
She’ll let it out

Nice (socks/salt)
You look really great
Oh yeah
You look really nice today
Track Name: Suntwin
I had a dream
In the dead of night
Even then I knew it was a dream

It was transparent
I could control it
In my dream I was the sun

A shining light
I only know it was me
Because in that moment
I could feel it

The word illumination
Is often meant without heat
Without pain
But that's not what I mean

In the dead of night
When I feel the most capable of melting into the cool summer air
In the dead of night
When most of the people I'm afraid of are probably still asleep
In the dead of night
When my body feels the warmest no matter what
In the dead of night
I could still feel the sun

We get high
In the halo
Of the sunlight
We could hide
In the halo
Of the sun’s light together

We’ll all
Go down
To the edge of the woods
On a night, when
It feels like
The stars are staring down
At us in bored sympathy
And desire to not be us
Do they marvel at our tininess
Because I know she does