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released June 3, 2012



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blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

25 / she (at)

i made all these albums by myself under a bunch of different names

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Track Name: Eto
Long after the original memory is gone
And every thought
That made reference back to it is fogged
By the cluttered mists of the past
And even if it
Cut at the root
And even if it changed me in a way that I still can’t seem to undo
I will still be here. I will still not give a shit.

There are approximately a hundred thousand words I could use to describe a person who isn’t like you
But it’s almost and/or almost a certainty that there is no almost accurate or realistic reference point to cling to
When one tries to speak of someone of that experience specifically
But I don’t know
I can’t pretend to be an expert
Actually I’m more like a half-interested, cruel hearted blogger at the best to be entirely honest
With little to-nothing to say other than slanted repeated words slipped out between sarcastically grit teeth and I’m actively trying to frame it nicely here
But honestly there’s not that much more to say
To be honest there’s not that much more to say so
Track Name: Natural
Please note that the key word is poised in this specific situation
It wasn't that her hands didn’t shake at the time but each movement was struck with a pre-rehearsed determination

Uhm yeah well huh uh well I don’t give a shit I mean it’s not like a give a shit
But I’ll admit I’m not “natural”

Uhm yeah I’ll say that if
If that’s really what you want me to
But it doesn’t make sense if
If you really want to think about it
Track Name: Swamp Thing
The wind howls it's legs
As it drags itself across the moor
It, it howls too
In tune

It hears it all
In tune