by Mom

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released August 13, 2014



all rights reserved


blacksquares Toronto, Ontario

hi i make music, ive been working hard!

black.squares.media (at) gmail.com

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Track Name: YFG
“whatever will be ok”
how boring would it be to say
i think that everything i think is useless
how can i ever begin to change

got your heart on your sleeve
you’ve got your heart weighing on your mind
you got your heart weighing on itself its gravity pulls inwards with time

i never know what to say
i might as well not even be here
i think you’re so fucking great
i just want to help you get the hell out of here
you’re fucking great
sometimes you’re just too fucking hard on yourself
i fucking pray you don’t believe
all the awful things you say about yourself

i just want things to go our way
just want everything to work itself out
what if neither of us felt afraid
what if we worked this fucking shit out?

but ive thinking in this one style
what if I’m thinking irrational
i think I’m stuck in another fear cycle
i dug a grave for this fucking shit pile
Track Name: Grinding Machine
don’t blame yourself for getting trapped inside a loop
of pain fear & insecurity because everyone is trapped here too
to different degrees
its a symptom of our own minds and the social machinery
that surrounds us that absolutely wants to grind us into to dust

yea the world would love to tear your skin off and turn it into money
yeah the world would love to tell you you ever aren’t worth a pile of coins the weight of your body
yeah the world would love to pay you a dollar an hour and say you aren’t worth anything
yeah the world would love to drain you and chew you up and burn your bones for energy
so if you can, develop strategies to not be eaten by that machine
seek control in your own life and seek that power by your own means
even though you’ll be told lies if you’re unemployed you still deserve to eat
you deserve to have things & security & you deserve to be happy
just know its so obvious and clear a society that chooses to starve its sick and poor is ruled by fear
yeah i know they’ll put that guilt upon your head
ive wanted to be dead because i had no way to pay for rent
but it’s system of pain
it’s a hole they try to cut in you to make you accept a seven dollar wage
because nobody would accept that treatment unless they were so afraid
so when it hurts you gotta just float yourself away
if you can even tho it feels you’re anchored by the pain
even if it means laying in bed and sleeping for the whole day
dont allow yourself to be swallowed by the manufactured fear and pain
just do what you can
Track Name: Everybody's Birthday
its everybody’s birthday
and i love to have fun
skin fallen off
brain falling off
your personalities gone

put it in a square
and make the square as small as u can
id yell if there was room for yelling
I’m just saying what i can

birthday on a friday
everything is ok
theres no reason to cry
we’re all together
everything is perfect
everything is right between you and i

ill ruin the night
ill ruin your life
i hope you hate everyone you ever meet like me
you’re right
i think I’m doing fine
i think I’m just as evil as i was born to be
Track Name: Super Bored
words by jack blare

and on the third day the boredom set in
and lo the things he’d once found entertaining
were now about as interesting
as reality tv
as public education
even some of the dirty things

there is no stage just people and concrete
Track Name: That's Cool
all hope is gone
all hope is gone away
but we’ll be ok

thats cool
Track Name: Productivity Song
all I’m trying to do is rock and not suck
all I’m trying to do is stay standing up
all I’m trying to do is sleep it off
all I’m trying to do is shake the sleep off

cos i hate doing nothing with my days
i hate watching the hours melt away
i hate feeling my power slip away

I’m doing what i can
and I’m doing what i can
even if its not worth anything
Track Name: Cops in the Woods
please tell me what to do to be there for you
i dont know if you understood, i said theres cops in the woods
we should probably ditch our friends and make some other plans
we’ll catch up with them later
it’ll be ok